Toubab Krewe: “Holy Grail”

Toubab Krewe from Asheville, NC are releasing an album titled TK2 via Nat Geo Music next week, before they head out on a national tour. Their sound swirls together indie rock, African traditions, jam sensibilities, international folk strains and more. The hypnotic, psychedelic slow burn of this song “Holy Grail” provides a different kind of groove, with a late-night throb and effects-heavy guitar hooks that’s equally at home in a Brooklyn loft as on a starry summer night outdoors.

The group was best described by blog Earvolution: “Toubab Krewe are what Vampire Weekend would have sounded like if their parents took away their BMWs, dosed their white wine spritzers and locked them in Fela’s basement.”

Toubab Krewe – “Holy Grail”