Amp Live & Jazz Mafia Remix Tyler the Creator: “Yonkers,” “Goblinz,” and “Radicals” + MP3s


We love the Bay Area. Biased we may be due to certain staff affiliations, we are justifiably geeked to present you with a particularly snazzy set of remixes by Amp Live (of Zion I) and Bay Area jazz collective, Jazz Mafia. The highly hailed musicians joined forces to remix three Tyler the Creator tracks from his recent album, Goblin – “Yonkers,” “Goblinz,” and “Radicals.” Amp and the Mafia really got busy with this ish; Mixing live instrumentation with electronic embellishments, the jazz-hop backdrop glides, bangs, and even throbs, creating an eerily dissonant perfection with Tyler’s sinister tracks.

Tyler the Creator Goblin Remixez by AmpLive

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