The seeds of Giant Step started with The Groove Academy in 1990 as a concert series in New York City. “The stars of the 70’s, although highly sampled, were not getting recognition NOR being presented in a live forum. Groove Academy WAS, “Dedicated to the preservation of Funk.” THE ARTISTS WERE LOOKED up in the phone book as many of them were not working or had agents. Artists like Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Gil Scott Heron and Ohio Players were brought to New York to play in front of new fans who only knew their music from hip hop samples.

The events were extended onto the dance floor under the new name Giant Step, after the fabled John Coltrane album “Giant Steps.” The Giant Step party differentiated itself from Groove Academy with its emphasis on mixing Jazz and Hip Hop. It was the place where artists such as Jamiroquai, Digable Planets, Massive Attack, The Fugees and The Roots all debuted, and was an international phenomenon. Giant Step would soon go on tour around the States, Europe and Japan.